Vehicle insurance is an important decision and with so many options available it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We also understand the importance of trust and security when it comes to insuring your vehicle. With a panel of insurers to choose from, we can offer a range of insurance products, designed to protect your car and your investment in it.


We offer a wide range of insurance options including the products described below .For more details and to obtain a copy of the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) please contact one of our Business Managers.

Prestige Motor Vehicle Insurance: This includes extra features, such as a brand new replacement vehicle after a total loss if within 3 years from the original registration date; the assurance that genuine parts will be used for repairs plus a quality guarantee for all repairs completed as part of an approved claim.

Gap Insurance: If your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered, this covers the difference between your comprehensive insurance payout and your remaining vehicle finance balance (up to the benefit level you select). You’ll also receive cover for out-of-pocket expenses, such as excess paid by you, delivery charges, CTP (Compulsory Third Party), stamp duty, registration and car hire costs for a replacement vehicle.

Loan Protection Insurance: This covers you if you can’t work but still have vehicle finance to pay off. Depending on the coverage options selected, if you’re injured or ill and cannot work or you’re involuntarily unemployed, you could have your loan repayments paid for you.

Purchase Price Insurance: This pays you the difference between the purchase price and the total loss payment you receive from your comprehensive insurance policy (up to the benefit level you select) if your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered.

Tyre & Rim Insurance: It can be costly to repair or replace damaged tyres and rims on your vehicle. Tyre & Rim Insurance helps cover the costs to repair or replace your vehicle’s tyres and or rims if they are damaged (including punctures, blowouts to tyres) from road hazards like roadside kerbs, potholes and road debris.

  • We’ll help you organise your insurance and we’ll keep things simple and hassle free.
  • We have insurers to choose from so you get the cover that suits you.
  • Our negotiating power enables us to find you competitive premiums and conditions.
  • Our on-site specialists will provide you with up to date insurance and finance information to help you make the right insurance choice.
  • We’ll help you to fill out the paperwork.
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