Zero Contact Servicing

Keeping everyone’s wellbeing of upmost importance while keeping you on the road.

Dear valued Customer,

Wagga Motors Management and Staff have worked to identify a process that reduces your time with staff and other customers.
Below you’ll find numbered points that keep us all healthy and trading.

  1. At the time of your booking your details including email address will be confirmed with you over the phone. This is a great time to communicate any additional concerns with the vehicle. Let’s capture as much as we can before you enter the dealership. Once booked you will then receive a follow-up confirmation text message.
  2. The day before your booking you’ll receive a reminder text message. Please use this opportunity to confirm your transport to and from our dealership. Wagga Motors are thoroughly compliant with the social distancing practices that will keep you safe. This means we will not be running shuttle services or providing personal transport. Loan cars at a nominal fee are available, in limited supply.
  3. On the day of your booking you’ll be greeted by an adviser and asked to confirm your booking name.
  4. You’ll be presented with a key tag for your keys. Please tag your own keys. Our adviser will detail what work is to be carried out with your vehicle and will request a verbal agreement on such work, in lieu of your signature.
  5. Wagga Motors have seating available in our customer waiting lounges. Under current government advice It is ideal to avoid waiting areas that occupy more than 1 person per 4m2. Please ask our staff for directions if you require more space and we will safely accommodate you.
  6. You will be phoned for an overview of services completed. When you are satisfied and when your vehicle is completed a request for payment will be made before you return. This reduces the time spent with us and limits contact with staff. Wagga Motors will still provide all other payment facilities.
  7. Upon returning to the dealership you’ll again be greeted by an adviser and asked to confirm your name. Your payment and keys will be provided on the counter for your collection.

Wagga Motors and Staff would like to thank you for your cooperation in these difficult times.
Please utilise your opportunities to consult with us over the phone. We would love to hear from you.
Please call our service department to thoroughly discuss your next service. Ph 69330170

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